Getting to Moab

(assuming that you are too far away to drive)

An escape to Moab are great!

…But, you need to be able to reasonably get there to make the most of your escape. Considering how remote Moab is, Delta, United, and American Airlines make it an easy trip.

  • United: Connect through Denver, to Moab (CNY)
  • Delta: Connect through Salt Lake City
  • American: Fly into Grand Junction (GJT) Colorado 

Grand Junction, Colorado (GJT) is a great alternative. The airport is really easy to get in and out of, and the drive is very scenic (about two hours). American Airlines does have several daily connections to GJT through Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) or Phoenix (PHX). If you do connect through (or fly direct from) DFW, American flies brand new and very comfortable Embraer E175s.

Recently United AND Delta started flying directly into Moab (connecting through through Denver and Salt Lake), which makes for very easy access to your vacation spot.

If, after looking at the flight schedules, the connections don’t work out for you, or you’d just prefer not to have to connect, there is another very viable option: Direct to SLC. Most major air carriers fly direct into Salt Lake City from all over the country. Delta, in particular has a major presence, as SLC is one of its hubs.

Having done this trip many times, I can tell you from experience that the small and convenient airport of Grand Junction is really a nice alternative to Salt Lake City....And the Moab Canyonlands (CNY) airport is even smaller just one gate!

If you check luggage to Grand Junction, it appears within minutes of getting to the one operating luggage carousel. Car rental desks rarely have lines, and the rental rates are generally reasonable.

The drive times to Moab from the airports are a little less than two hours from Grand Junction and about four from Salt Lake City. The drive from Salt Lake is fairly straight forward. If you are one of those who seeks out the scenic route and you are of the mind-set that “Getting there is half the fun” - I have the perfect route for you!


There are four different options that I'd recommend. To make things easy to find - I have created a few "tabs" that will give you detailed route descriptions along with maps and pictures.

GJT to Moab (quickest route)
GJT to Moab via 128 and Cisco
GJT to Moab via CO Natl Monument
Salt Lake City to Moab